I love you Dad

Fly away and fly up high,
Feel the air beneath your feet,
You are my angel no matter where you are,
I feel your presence day and night,
Miss you every day as each day has passed,
Thinking of you everday hurts me to know that your not here,
With each and every day passes the day comes closer as we say our prayers for one last time,
Deep down inside I know your safe and sound and knowing your free from pain,
Fly, fly, fly away my angel sleep tight and always love you forever and a day,
Love you dad


my poetry

Hi my name is Kathleen marshall and I’m 26 and I’m writing poetry because when I was 11 I was all ways interested and I started to really teach my self how to write poetry and since my dad passed away it has encouraged me to write poetry even more and more and he has taught me so much in life and he has inspired me in so many ways and I loved everything in life even though we had our ups and downs